Fixed Arm Mount

Brief Description

This camera mount has only a single GoPro camera but takes some very nice footage of loading the rocket onto the rail as well as raising of the Launch Tower.

The camera mounted on the arm but away from the launch tower and looks downward towards the Launch Pad base.

  • Looks down the rail but at an angle
  • Shoots 1080P at 30 frames per second
  • Great videos during rocket loading
  • Great view of raising the launch rail

Example Footage


Actually connected to the Pitch Arm Mount, this mount provides normal speed footage of loading of the rocket onto the rail as well as raising of the launch tower. The mount is machined from aluminium and screwed to the Pitch Arm Mount. The camera can be adjusted during installation slightly up or down depending on the users preference. The field of view of the camera is normally set to medium since the action can be only a few feet away.

The camera has the audio feed in from the Tascam so the sound from the Shotgun Microphones that capture the teams discussions prior to launch are automatically recorded on the video camera. If higher quality audio is desired, the audio recording made with the Tascam can be used by syncing with the video recording during post production.