Fixed Ground Mount

Brief Description

The Ground Mount has both a normal frame rate GoPro that shoots at 1080P and also a high speed Sony that shoots at 120 fps in 720P. The Ground Mount also contain a Nikon to shoot images.

  • Looks upward towards the launch pad
  • Contains both GoPro and Sony Cameras
  • Great videos during rocket loading
  • Great videos for raising the launch rail

Example Images

Example NS Footage

Example HS Footage


The Ground Mount is easily constructed. It is just a cement block with a mounting plate attached. The cameras are secured to the plate. The block is used as an anchor to prevent the cameras moving from the blast. It typically looks at the Slide Mount and the base of the Launch Pad.

The best aspect of this mount is that it can be repositioned at any time. If there is a special aspect desired the block can be moved with little effort. However, because it is located so close to the ground, it can easily be overlooked and the field of view of the cameras can be obstructed.

The GoPro camera has the audio feed in from the Tascam so the sound from the Shotgun Microphones that capture the teams discussions prior to launch are automatically recorded on the video camera. If higher quality audio is desired, the audio recording made with the Tascam can be used by syncing with the video recording during post production.