Pitching Arm Mount

Brief Description

This Pitching Arm Mount is located at the top of the launch tower on the arm that is less than 4 feet from the rocket as it passes. It pivots so fast that it moves from looking almost straight down to straight up is less than a 1/4 second –and accurately follows the rocket.

  • Looks down on the rocket during lift off
  • Tracks to rocket as it lifts off
  • Shoots 720P at 120 frames per second
  • Incredible footage as the rocket passes by the camera

Example Footage


This Pitching Arm Mount is why the arm exists on the tower. There are a lot of sources to film rockets from the ground but there is no other camera mounts like this one. To have a tracking camera mount less that 4 feet from the rocket as it leaves the rail is truly unique. Because the camera must pitch so quickly, only a single camera is used to keep the weight, and the torque required to pitch it, very low.

It is constructed by basically mounting the Sony Camera Housing directly on the shaft of the pitching motor. Like all the pitching mounts, the camera in its housing center of gravity was determined and used as the pitching axis. On the opposite side of the cameras housing the position potentiometer is attached. This is used by the motor controller. The motor controller is located in the aluminium tube that acts as the base of the mount. The Pitching Arm Mount is removable from the arm with two bolts.