Slide Mount

Brief Description

The Slide Mount is located below the launch pad looking upward towards the base of the rocket. Instead of pitching, the camera slides on a rail from underneath the launch pad tracking the rocket as it ascends into the sky in less than a 1/4 second.

  • Looks upward during lift off
  • Tracks to rocket as it lifts off
  • Shoots 720P at 120 frames per second
  • Incredible footage from underneath the rocket

Example HS Videos


Although the Slide Mount does not pitch to track the rocket, instead it slides linearly on a rail. Initially located underneath the launch pad, it is almost directly underneath the blast from the rocket motor. Upon lift off, an explosive device is fired and release the sled and moves the camera quickly out of the way. The camera travels the 5 foot long rail in about 1/4 of a second where is the sled is cushioned against a stop.

The sled is constructed by attaching a piece of U channel to a linear bearing from 8020. A Sony Camera Housing was mounted and the flexible Allumlite was poured to fill in around the camera housing. This provided a rubber like compartment to hold the camera. A strap was added to prevent the camera from coming out when the sled comes to its sudden stop.

The Slide Mount is constructed from 8020 extruded aluminium and is angled about 20 degrees from the ground. This angle is necessary to continue to follow the rocket as it ascend into the air. The force used to move the sled along the rail is bungee cord that is protected inside the rail. For each launch, the cord must be stretched and secured after the release mechanism is secured.

The release mechanism is consists of a cylinder and a pair of pistons that go into the ends. The pistons are secured with a Nylon bolt and the release mechanism is secured. The mechanism is release with a small Pyrogen charge located in another Nylon bolt threaded into the cylinder. When the charge is ignited with an e-match, the pressure shears the bolt and the pistons fly out of the cylinder.