Fixed Mobile Mount

Brief Description

The Mobile Rail Mount is a fixed mount but can be repositioned on the rail. It is considered a fixed mount because it does not pitch but since it can be reposition, it is considered a fixed but mobile mount. It has a GoPro that records at normal 30fps speed at 1080P.

  • Located at the rail but is mobile
  • Shoots 1080P at 30 frames per second
  • Great videos during rocket loading
  • Great for raising the launch rail

Example Footage


The Fixed Mobile Mount is usually located at the base of the rail to record the rocket being loaded onto the launch rail. This perspective shows the rocket coming towards the camera as it slides on the rail towards to stand off that supports the rocket. The view does not show the Activation Switch being moved out to the way during the rocket loading.

This mount also has the capability to be mounted on the Rail Mount looking down on top of the rocket during raising of the launch tower. It would be in the way of the rocket lifted off with this mount still in place but the Fixed Mobile Mount can be lowered prior to lift off. It provides a very nice perspective as the tower is being raised into position.

This mount can be lowered from the top of the launch platform due to some cables attached to the mount. These cables pass through small Teflon tubes located in the Fixed Rail Mount and are secured at the base of the launch tower. Prior to rocket launch, the cables are released and the camera mount can be gently lowered with the cables. This prevents having to climb the launch tower to remove the camera mount.

The camera has the audio feed in from the Tascam so the sound from the Shotgun Microphones that capture the teams discussions prior to launch are automatically recorded on the video camera. If higher quality audio is desired, the audio recording made with the Tascam can be used by syncing with the video recording during post production.