Track and Dolly Mounts

Brief Description

The Track and Dolly is used both during set up and launch operation as well as time lapse photography at night. The track surrounds the launch pad and tower to allow the cameras to move during shooting.

  • Track surrounds the Launch Pad
  • Follows the action on the Launch Pad
  • Shoots both High Speed and Normal Speed
  • Incredible footage


The Track and Dolly Mount surrounds the launch pad and tower in the horizontal position to capture loading and raising of the tower section. It is also used for time lapse photography usually at night.

There are two dollies used with the track. One for launch operations and the other for time lapse photography. They dollies have different cameras and capabilities as well as their speed. The time lapse dolly travels at speeds of feet per hour while the launch dolly is much faster. In addition the time lapse dolly has lights used for night time. Both have motor speed controllers.

The track for the Track and Dolly Mount is constructed from PVC pipe. It is heated and bent using a jig to make the 30 foot diameter semicircle. The jig is made from MDF and is used throughout the track construction. The jig is used to bend the pipe, trim the ends, and glue the PVC pipe stacks.

The ties for the track are made from concrete. The concrete is poured into moulds that contain Tee-nuts that are tied together with re-bar. The Tee-nuts are used to secure the plastic clips to hold the track. The track spacing is 9 inches.