Launch Control

WRC Trigger

The wireless trigger that is typically used is the WRC from Missile Works. It is housed in a plastic enclosure that is complete with its own battery and power switch. Channel 1 is used to trigger the launch controller while channel 2 is used to abort that launch. Since the launch controller may be triggered up to 10 seconds prior to lift off to allow the cameras to start recording, the launch may be aborted. Only the IGNITER and PICTURE 1 and PICTURE 2 timers are aborted but the remainder of the timers continue and turn off the cameras as planned.


The WRC Trigger is constructed by installing the receiver board, a 12V NiMh battery, and a switch into and plastic enclosure. The enclosure cannot be metal since it is wireless and there are connectors for the two outputs and to charge the battery. The switch has a protective bracket that prevents it from being turned on accidentally. Since the WRC uses a common high and the Camera Controller is wired common ground, they cannot share the same battery source.